Lysle Wilhelmi

October 27, 2013

Lysle Wilhelmi of Lysle Style began sewing clothing for herself as a teen, drawing inspiration from her mother, who was an excellent seamstress.  After a long hiatus from sewing in college and early adulthood, Lysle was inspired during her first pregancy to create curtains, pillows, and bedding for her son’s nursery as well as some maternity clothing for herself.

Just a few years later, Lysle’s attention was drawn to fashion and style.  She found herself particularly liking a layered look incorporating full skirts, drapey tunics, ruffles, asymmetrical hemlines and cozy sweaters and wraps.  As she explored her own style and look, Lysle realized that she could learn to create most of the clothing that she was purchasing, and Lysle Style began.

Black and White Stripe Easy Cardigan

Black and White Stripe Easy Cardigan

Lysle sewed exclusively for herself for eight years before launching into sales.  Starting with an Etsy store and a tiny bit of publicity to friends and family, soon Lysle was filling custom orders, hosting clothing/jewelry/art shows and selling at small Seattle boutiques.
Lysle Style is created primarily with knit fabrics using rayon, cotton, silk and wool.  Lysle favors neutral colors but does venture into brights now and then.  She loves to create using ruffles, stripes, polka dots and multiple fabrics.   All garments are designed to be fashionably elegant as well as comfortable and functional.  Each piece is unique and created by Lysle with attention to detail and quality.



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