2013 Fatto a Mano Artists

November 1, 2013

FAM 10th Anniversary Invitation

Andrea Kohler  Shamila Jiwa  Ja Teuber  Meredith MacLeod  Tamila Morgan  Lisa Chun

Trilby Hainstock Soojin Yum Lysle Wilhelmi  Daniela Shelton and FAM hostess Roberta Torgerson

Ja Teuber

October 31, 2013

Ja Teuber started her custom stationery design business in 2001.Her first ready-made product was for F.A.M. show in December 2004. She created letterpress note cards and desk calendars. The letterpress calendar was a hit and encouraged her to continue with this successful product. The calendar received the recognition of Best of Hostess Gift in the December 2006 issue of Seattle Magazine. Her calendar was featured on The Martha Stewart Show in February 2008.

Ilee Birthday Calendar

Ja will debut this gorgeous birthday calendar at the 10th anniversary FAM show.

Ilee new greeting cards

Ilee new greeting cards

A selection of her current work can be found in her etsy shop.

Daniela Shelton

October 31, 2013

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated -Traditional toys with a modern spin - Sheep.

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated -Traditional toys with a modern spin – Sheep.

Daniela Shelton could tell you a million reasons why she makes dolls but she calls the least likely one her favorite: she needed a means to use the kaleidoscope of fabrics around her. A Swiss-trained designer, she has an eye for good form and color; an inveterate collector, she can’t resist what she finds. Dolls, she says, offer the most creative latitude to showcase the richness in even the simplest materials.

And that’s only the start. Each Hasenpfeffer creation strikes a balance between two seemingly disparate ideas: old-world craftsmanship and capital-M Modernism. Reduced to its simplest form, each doll offers its best friend unlimited creative expression. Built to an incredible standard, each doll promises to entertain friends not for years as much as for generations.

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated -Traditional toys with a modern spin - Little People

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated -Traditional toys with a modern spin – Little People

But Daniela Shelton maintains that she isn’t content with simply making today’s toys. In her mind she’s making tomorrow’s heirlooms. Give one a test squeeze and you might agree that she’s on to something.

Soojin Yum

October 31, 2013

Soraam is dedicated to creating hand printed and hand made home and personal accessories with unique and playful patterns. All items are environmentally friendly and hand printed using water based inks on natural fabrics. “Soraam” means “Please take a look with a smile” in Korean.

Silkscreened bow tote

Silkscreened bow tote


Silkscreened napkins

Soojin Yum, the artist behind Soraam, is a graphic designer living in Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in Korea, educated and trained in Korea and the United States, her bicultural experience has led her design aesthetic, which fuses traditional and modern, East and West. She’s interested in Asian motifs, then re-interpreting them through a modern lens to create her geometric yet delicate patterns. She loves to create functional products with a playful design twist.

Tamila Morgan

October 31, 2013

Soap with floret

Soap with floret

Soap loafs

Soap loafs

Our lovely farm is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains, not far from the charming town of Arlington. This is where we create our natural soaps and bath collections that we are so passionate about. Using natural and organic ingredients our products are not only good for your skin, but are gentle on the environment. Preserving farmland, we are working to build the infrastructure of our soil to grow the flowers, herbs, and honey that are essential to our soaps and bath products!  You will often see our two Indian Runner ducks & Moses (she’s really a goose) roaming around our fields and garden eating bugs and weeds as part of our natural pest control. When we aren’t working hard we enjoy playing hide and seek in the dark or running frantically through the field being chased by a steer, while the rest of the family is laughing. Did we mention that we Love what we do?!


Shamila Jiwa

October 31, 2013

I am a passionate, globe-trotting gem sleuth who designs collections of jewels inspired by colorful moments experienced in vibrant and enchanting environments.

Custom carved minaret Lemon Citrine earring with Shamila Signature Tulip Motif, 14k gold and GVS diamonds

Custom carved minaret Lemon Citrine earring with Shamila Signature Tulip Motif, 14k gold and GVS diamonds

Using unique, cut-to-fit stones, I create timeless, elegant and luxe jewels; making each piece bespoke for the wearer. As a Tanzanian-born Canadian of Indian descent, I span worlds in my Seattle-based atelier. And I bring the beauty of diversity into the world of jewelry.

Award-winning Harem Stacking rings London Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Citrine

In February of this year, I was the proud recipient of the Emerging Designer Award by Centurion as well as Best In Show award in Highland Park, IL. You can read more about these exciting events here on my website and on my Facebook fan page or follow me on twitter and via my blog.

Trilby Hainstock

October 29, 2013

After receiving her fine art degree from CCA, San Francisco, Trilby Hainstock worked as a scenic artist and properties artisan here in Seattle creating large sets for the theater. Collaborating with many talented artisans and designers taught her to find beauty in repurposing materials and to find new ways to combine technology and craft. She often finds that limited resources and humble materials are her biggest inspiration and aspires to make objects that are uniquely modern, alluringly utilitarian, and affordable. She makes it a priority to conserve and to work locally. Her work has been featured in Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine, Ecoterre, and Lark Books.

Colorful reversible leather cuffs are inspired by vintage footwear and the way elemental shapes wrap around the body

Colorful reversible leather cuffs are inspired by vintage footwear and the way elemental shapes wrap around the body

Mod atomic textiles and vintage toile inspired this line of silkscreened tea towels and prints. Each includes details of beloved Seattle neighborhoods that many locals will recognize!

News and more info here: trilbymade.blogspot.com Oliotto on Facebook  and www.oliottohandmade.com

Lisa Chun

October 28, 2013

Although Lisa learned metalworking in college, it wasn’t until moving to Seattle that she began to take it up more passionately. Working as a architect, she discovered that creating jewelry was a perfect balance to that practice of shaping buildings and environments. While jewelry requires a similar sensitivity and response to materials, attention to detail in design, and a direct relationship with the human body, the immediate and tactile process of expression provided a different kind of fulfillment.


assymetrical necklace of labradorite and sterling silver

Her work marries influences from the natural world as well as more architectural forms and shapes combined with a love of pearls and gemstones.


red coral, pearl and sterling silver pendant

All pieces are one of a kind or limited edition.  For more information visit www.sweetoli.com
A limited selection of work is for sale at her etsy shop


Roberta Torgerson

October 28, 2013

Roberta began knitting when she was a little girl, taught by “Signora” Elide.  She picked it up again when her daughter came home from school with a knitting project and wanted to know how to fix a mistake she had made on her scarf. It seems the body remembers things taught long ago; Roberta began knitting again and hasn’t stopped.


Roberta knits what she loves. Scarves give her an immense satisfaction; there is excitement in finishing each piece. Choosing yarn while traveling adds to the gratification. Most recently, Roberta has been collecting mohair from Italy, since most of it comes from the region around her home town of Torino.


Since each scarf is one of a kind, there is a special pleasure that comes from seeing people gravitating towards a scarf that fits their personality. In addition to knitting up a storm, Roberta’s boutique Italian Language School – Percorso Italiano has gained a lot of momentum these past couple of years. She is very excited to continue to knit warm and luxurious scarves and teach Italian to students in Seattle.

Meredith MacLeod

October 28, 2013

Meredith has been a working artist for more than 20 years.  After receiving her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art she relocated to the Northwest where she discovered and fell in love with Whidbey Island.

Crow T-shirt

Crow T-shirt

Using many printmaking techniques she has developed a process unique to her work.Meredith creates hand carved stamps to build a rich saturation of color and shapes.
Meredith Cards

Meredith Cards

As you can see MacLeod’s work is”For the Birds!”

Please visit her websites for more info:

Andrea Kohler Bookbindery

October 28, 2013

After a traditional 4-year apprenticeship and several sojourns abroad, Andrea established an atelier in Zurich, where she practiced for 14 years. She trained several apprentices and for many years taught courses at a school for continuing education.

Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Andrea binds books entirely by hand, in both traditional and contemporary styles, using techniques that have changed little over hundreds of years. Hand binding is a labor-intensive craft, requiring much skill and patience.  Since 1996, Andrea has lived and worked in Seattle.

2014 Calendars

See more of Andrea’s work at Andrea Kohler Bookbindery or visit her online shop on Etsy

Lysle Wilhelmi

October 27, 2013

Lysle Wilhelmi of Lysle Style began sewing clothing for herself as a teen, drawing inspiration from her mother, who was an excellent seamstress.  After a long hiatus from sewing in college and early adulthood, Lysle was inspired during her first pregancy to create curtains, pillows, and bedding for her son’s nursery as well as some maternity clothing for herself.

Just a few years later, Lysle’s attention was drawn to fashion and style.  She found herself particularly liking a layered look incorporating full skirts, drapey tunics, ruffles, asymmetrical hemlines and cozy sweaters and wraps.  As she explored her own style and look, Lysle realized that she could learn to create most of the clothing that she was purchasing, and Lysle Style began.

Black and White Stripe Easy Cardigan

Black and White Stripe Easy Cardigan

Lysle sewed exclusively for herself for eight years before launching into sales.  Starting with an Etsy store and a tiny bit of publicity to friends and family, soon Lysle was filling custom orders, hosting clothing/jewelry/art shows and selling at small Seattle boutiques.
Lysle Style is created primarily with knit fabrics using rayon, cotton, silk and wool.  Lysle favors neutral colors but does venture into brights now and then.  She loves to create using ruffles, stripes, polka dots and multiple fabrics.   All garments are designed to be fashionably elegant as well as comfortable and functional.  Each piece is unique and created by Lysle with attention to detail and quality.


Of Spool + Sparrow.

I’ve always been a maker.  Parenthood provided the spark to set up shop and share with my kids the value of handcrafting.  In 2009, I began small batch production of textile goods in my home in Seattle, WA.  Now, I get to create art for everyday use in the form of apparel, accessories and home furnishings using materials derived from natural, sustainable crop fibers.

Spool and Sparrow – pillow

My designs are influenced by an appreciation for simplicity and for evidence of the maker’s hand in each piece.  I believe that less is often more, and I fully embrace the natural imperfections of my medium.

Spool and Sparrow pinch-pleat bags

For fall and winter, my focus is on pinch-pleated bags made from linen, hemp, organic cotton and up-cycled leather belts & women’s all-season skirts made from soy/organic cotton jersey and french terry.  To round out my line, I continue to offer block-printed tea towels, pillows, accessory pouches, aprons, herbal eye pillows and a very limited number of additional garments for women and children.

Michele started her new business Little James Ming Baby recently with the arrival of her son.

Michele has enjoyed a long fashion-based career, and while working in Merchandising for Baby Product Development at a Seattle-based high-end retailer, Michele was inspired to privately design a prototype all-silk baby comforter. After many silk buying trips and sewing classes from her fabulous seamstress-mother (fast-forward to 2012) she is now realizing her dream!

Little James Ming Baby Blankets

Each luminous silk comforter is handmade by Michele in Portland, Oregon. As a former fashion stylist, she is inspired to create unexpected, one-of-a-kind  comforters that are quietly elegant, timeless, functional and beautiful. She enjoys ‘pushing the baby envelope’ beyond the traditional pink and blue. Many of her vibrant designs are inspired by the Chinese culture’s rich silk history.

Michele prefers working with silk exclusively because it’s the most luxurious and comfortable natural fabric in which to cocoon your baby.  Silk is a smart choice: a renewable resource, hypo-allergenic, moisture wicking, and resilient. It’s an excellent choice for baby because it is lightweight, a great insulator and naturally drapes to the body to regulate body temperature.

The Fatto a Mano show is Michele’s debut!  Michele is working hard to build her inventory and a website is coming soon.